Tuesday, October 10, 2006

North Korea...

Can't say I didn't see this one coming. I distinctly remember a certain Marine Corps Sergeant(me) arguing in 2002 about how crazy this "drama" about Iraq was. I was certain that our zeal for Saddam was terribly misguided and was a waste of time. In the context of the argument about "National Security" I firmly believed and still believe that North Korea not Iraq, was and is the biggest threat to our National Security.

Truth be told, yes Saddam was a "bad" man, dictator, etc. but so are many people some of which we openly support and have ties with. However, Saddam couldn't produce a missile to leave Iraq let alone threaten our boarders.

Not so with N. Korea. These guys supposedly have several Nukes, have recently supposedly tested one, and Kim Jong is insane at best. Maybe its just me, but you had Saddam with no military might, let alone weapons capabilities, then you have N. Korea that has a military and nukes and we are still "technically" at war with them.

I said it several years ago and I will say it again, Stevie Wonder can see who poses the biggest threat to the US. The dictator in N. Korea could care less about his people and they venerate him as god, so what are sanctions supposed to do? This guy has openly threatened to launch a missile to California and countless other "stunts" yet we keep "fighting the terrorists".

I don't think(not that it matters) that we have any military options outside of enormous bloodshed, a draft, and nukes and China is only a help, if it concerns their pockets(however, how much do they actually have to loose, given our indebtedness to them and their ties with N. Korea), which is why outside of N. Korea, I believe China is a threat, however I will leave that for another day.

My overall point is, the writing was on the wall years ago, and now the threats are coming to fruition and its high time we get our heads out of our backsides, and prioritize in a manner that will put us in a better situation. Arrogance and finger pointing is not going to make this better or make us safer. Especially when your dealing with people who are willing to die for beliefs or ideologies. Military might or the perception thereof cannot help us. When we realize that, then we stand a chance. Rome anybody?

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