Friday, October 06, 2006

Foley Scandal

I think common sense should apply here. Personal Responsibility.

Come on now, Foley now is an Alcoholic, Gay, and a Victim of abuse himself. Granted, these things can be factors, but maybe its just me, but these arguments now are a "little" convenient.

Then you have the GOP, blaming, ABC, Democrats, and that Billionaire(can't recall his name), because this "scandal" even started. A couple of days ago, the GOP talking points in every interview had to point out Dem scandals from 1983, 1989, and of course Clinton.

I'm sorry, but when you have more excuses and finger pointing then solutions, one has to question leadership and this goes both ways.

As a parent, I don't see how one can hear this type of information and not make it their personal business to make sure justice is served. The first Congressman to hear about Foley and everyone after that should have taken care of it that instant!

Especially as a parent, or one who says they care about the welfare of the Nations children, how can you pass the buck, or sit on information, for any reason? What does it say about an individual that doesn't act on such information?

If we are more concerned about how the information was leaked and less about the information itself, then we obviously show our priorities.

Who cares how the information became public, the question should be what are you going to do about it? We should be lining up all the culprits from Foley to everyone that knew but didn't act period. From what I understand of the law, if I witness a crime personally, or even know about information pertaining to that crime, and don't share that information, I become an accessory to that crime and an obstruction to justice.

I think its a problem when lawmakers can't or won't act in accordance with the very same laws they want the citizens to adhere to.

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