Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Name Change

I'm so undecided with this blog thing, so in my latest idiosyncratic expression of indecisiveness, I decided to change the name of the blog from "Salaam's Blog" to "An American Muslim", why, I don't really know, other than I think it sounds better. After all, "Salaam's Blog" only makes sense if you know me personally, or from my many Internet aliases. However, "An American Muslim" gives more initial perspective as to who I am, and from what background or experience I choose to write. Either way, we will see how long this lasts...


Muslim Apple said...

I have a hard time deciding which theme I like the most for my site. I have been through 3 themes in the last month or so.

You might consider a switch from blogger to wordpress.

Haq Islam said...

Mashallah a nice blog.
Please link up my site here too.

MysticSaint said...

Assalamualikum wa rahmatullah!

keep up the good work.

Abu Sahajj said...

You might consider a switch from blogger to wordpress.

Muslim Apple is right! Wordpress is much better. Oh and I like the American Muslim idea... I have something similar in the sub-heading of my blog as well.

Robert Abdur Salaam said...

Thanks for the advice and encouragement. I have started a blog on Wordpress, and Im in the process of "attempting" to convert everything over now.


Tisha! said...

Hello Robert!

Great talking to ya the other day!

I think you could alternate titles to suit your mood at the moment.

In any case, which blog may I blogroll?