Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Day After...

Well here it is, 9/12 and I guess all is well.

On a message board I frequent there were some serious discussions going on yesterday, everything from 9/11 conspiracy theories to the question(s) about whether or not 9/11 should be a big deal to some.

Its the latter I wanted to address. I personally believe that oftentimes our(the general public) emotions are used to further causes or be manipulated in some form or fashion. I believe it was in fact 9/11 that was used to get us into Afghanistan(rightfully so, IMO) and into Iraq. I also believe our emotions are being manipulated to swing elections, pass laws, and many other things I coin political deviancy.

However, I don't believe that because this exists that we should attempt at "watering" down or ignoring such things as 9/11 altogether.

Personally, I ignored the media yesterday, and for those that know me personally you know that is a big deal for me, mainly because of such "exploitation".

9/11 for many people means many things, if you chose to do something to commemorate it good for you, if not good for you as well. Everyone wasn't personally effected on 9/11 and I do believe the media should respect that, but then again the media should be doing allot of things, like not being a tool for the government, but that is another discussion..., at any rate, here it is the day after and maybe its just me, but the lack of 9/11 chatter, makes one wonder if in fact the wool was pulled over our eyes again....

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