Monday, May 15, 2006

Organization and Mobilization: What will it take?

I'm going to have to make this short and brief, because I initially wrote a several page discourse on this subject, and somehow lost it when I was trying to post, so instead of trying to remember and rewrite this blog I'm just going to highlight the main points:

1: Right now we see that whether we like it our not, marches are still effective.

The immigration debate has proved that if a people stand together and are determined to have their voices heard, those in power and others will listen.

Have we gotten so bourgeois to think that we are above that now? What is our justification given the fact that our community is increasingly getting worse? If you have any other ideas, now would be a good time to exercise them.

2: Stop blaming those whom we attribute "leadership" or "messiahship".

I don't care if we like it or not, Jesse, Sharpton, and Farrakhan, etc. Are not going to save us. A leader and messenger is only as good as the followers and the listeners. Many of us have heard the word, but refuse to act.

Faith comes by hearing yes, but once you hear then what? I don't care what religion you subscribe to, there is not one that tells you that once you believe you can stay as you are. So it is with movements and organizations. If you truly believe in a cause then what are you doing to ensure it moves forward?

3: If we keep waiting on "we", I will accomplish nothing.

We love to sit around and wait on others before we decide to do something. This of course, is public enemy #1 to black people. What happens if those who we are waiting on decide they are waiting on someone else, who is waiting on someone else? Don't answer, you all ready know, you get the problem facing our community. We have to make a conscious decision to do something on our own. If "I" don't take the initiative, who will?

4: Stop allowing ourselves to be distracted.

In the Quran, Shatain/Iblis(Satan) tells Allah(God) that his #1 goal is to keep us off the sirahtal mustaqueem(straight path).

How does he do this? Well for one he makes us believe that "entertainment" and self gratification is the end all to life. He gets into our "religion" and have us so confused right seems wrong and wrong seems right, but most importantly as the Quran tells us he mixes truth with falsehood. In other words he gives us "white" lies. Oh you know what I'm talking about.

He tells us oh alcohol is not that bad, as long as you drink in moderation or Premarital sex isn't that bad, as long as you wear protection, or the best one, you don't have to go to church,mosque,synagogue, as long as you believe in your heart you can do that at home.

This goes right along with our stagnation.

Centuries ago, we were organized around freedom, then we were organized around civil rights, what are we organized about today? What should we be organized about?

Can any of us honestly say that we can look at the world we live in and given our present condition feel that our children or theirs will live in a much better world?

If not, then what's our excuse for not actively attempting to at least try to make it better? What will it take?

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Bear Witness said...

The devils greatest trick was to make others believe he didnt exist

But I say that the devils greatest trick is to make others believe his influence doesnt exist

His influence is alive and well and takes the forms of defeat, complacentcy, etc.