Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Why are we still surprised in 2006?

Maybe I watch and read the news too much(OK that's probably the direct answer), but its becoming painfully obvious especially after a careful analysis of history, that there is nothing new under the sun.

I remember when Katrina happened, everyone was all upset because of the actions or lack their of by the leadership. I was amazed at the responses especially those of Kanye West, as if this were some new revelation.

I mean come on people. The actions taken against people of color throughout history around the world has been pretty much the same for centuries.

I believe its time to stop acting so surprised and get to a point were instead of getting upset we need to WORK toward ensuring these things can't and won't happen again.

Now we have millions of Muslims going berserk over the cartoons of our Prophet(saw), as if we should expect the West or more importantly Europeans and those of their descent to ever respect us as a Religion and people. They haven't done it once or very seldom since our origin 1475+ yrs ago and they are definitely are not going to do it today.

If we really want to do our religion and people justice we would stop protesting and get into the business of strengthening our Ulmah(Muslim Community). Furthermore, it never ceases to amaze me how quick we protest over what the West has done, but won't protest what we have done. As if our societies and countries couldn't use that same zeal and more to make us a better people.

The same goes for the Black community in America. As much as I agree with the talk about the evils of white people to us, I'm starting to get a little weary with our talk. Talk is pointless without action. The real question should be, what are we going to do about it?

I sat and watched the entire funeral of Mother Coretta yesterday, and I marveled at the standing ovation President Clinton got before he even spoke a word. When are we going to have a black version? Taking nothing from Pres Clinton, he made a profound remark yesterday "What are we going to do in her honor?" "If she is a role model, why don't we model her behavior?"

I would be lying if I said I wasn't getting sick of all the talk and nodding of heads, without seeing any actual movement in our community. For instance, TV One and the Black Family Channel according to what I read aired the funeral, and what did BET do? Continued with business as usual filling our youth and adults with degeneracy and filth that producing nothing but savagery in our minds and beings.

Remember this in the beginning was the word, yes every creation begins with a word, you need people to deliver the message, but after that it must become flesh. Its one thing to hear but you must also obey and carry into practice.

God did ask Elijah(PBUH) "Can these bones walk?" Even though I live amongst the dry bones in the valley, my faith and trust in Almighty God lets me know that if we all unite under principles and our God, we will certainly live to see a day when these bones will come together and dance.
Its not going to happen as long as we are afraid to prophesy unto the winds.

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