Thursday, August 10, 2006

What now?

I often wonder to myself...what now? I mean seriously, are we even surprised anymore? I find myself laughing at the news these days. It has become comedy for me. The blatant hypocritical non-sense, the back and forth propaganda, and the misinformation campaigns to control the minds of those that are ignorant of history and current events. Look at the world around us. Constant turmoil in the Middle East, Crime, Poverty, etc. And it just keeps getting worse day by day.

Now I know some of you will say its a sign of the times, and in many ways I would agree too, however, I'm a firm believer in the fact that God helps those who help themselves first, and I think its just wrong for us, whomever us is, to sit back complacent about what goes on and be inactive or as brother Malcolm would quote the Quran "being deaf, dumb, and blind".

If there was ever a time to be a voice for that which Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad upon them be peace, it is now.

Its increasingly disturbing, that we allow people to hijack our religions and are telling us contrary to what we already know to be true. So now that the Middle East is a mess, our neighborhoods are a mess, heck we can't even get a minimum wage increase from 5.15 a hour, yet Congress continues to give themselves raises, what are we prepared to do about it?

When are we going to realize that our Government, Religious leaders, etc. are not representing us anymore and only represent themselves, special interest groups, and people with money?

Personally, I see them as they are, crooked, Satanic forces, principalities and wickedness in high places. Its going to take men and women of God and good will to stand up to these devils and replace injustice with justice, falsehood with the truth, and wickedness with righteousness.

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sweet_one4now said...

So very true. I have known for sometime the people we "elected" (cause we really didnt elect these idiots) aren't doing what they say they are doing. And only out for themselves. You should check out And if you like you could check out my site too but static is always posting the truth and I think the site might be of interest to you. Have a good day and God Bless