Saturday, January 07, 2006

Ignorance is Bliss?

My grandfather taught me to be mindful not to speak about things I have no knowledge concerning, and to this day I have always tried to take this advice and use it. I just wish many of us were as fortunate to have had this wisdom in our lives.

I have noticed, whether it be debates on religion, politics, or different lifestyles, most tend to formulate their personal opinion purely off of conjecture. Its a sad state of affairs when your only reliable source to any "absolute" truth is not from first hand experience.

If we put more effort into being knowledgeable and less effort into being critical we could truly move mountains.

Sure knowledge is power, but until you learn how to use that knowledge and understand how and when to properly apply it, that power becomes misguided and dangerous.

As we are learning in real time with the current Presidential Administration, misguided and unchecked power can be life threatening.

Misguided spiritual knowledge can destroy not only ones own soul, but also those of others with whom they come in contact with. That is why in most religious systems or spiritual schools of thought, much time and responsibility is placed on the individual, because until we can truly master ourselves, we don't have any place to try and to master others.

We have to become a knowledgeable people. Our survival depends on it. As the Prophet Hosea(PBUH) "my people are destroyed for their lack of knowledge". Look at our world. Black, White, Republican, Democrat, Gay, Straight, Muslim, Christian, or Jew our world is falling apart, primarily because we have no knowledge.

Remember Solomon(PBUH) wrote, "the fear of God is the beginning of knowledge". The five percent nation or the Nation of Gods and Earths would break down the word "knowledge" as Know the Ledge. If we are not careful and know that ledge we will certainly fall off of it and like humpty dumpty, none of the kings horses or men would be able to put us back together.

Know the ledge so that we may not be caught in the trap of ignorance. Know the ledge so that we wont be exploited. Know the ledge so that we wont be destroyed.

Peace and Blessings be upon you

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Good post...look forward to reading more.

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